Julie Vorobyov Photography

Growing up in suburban Queens, NY, I took my surroundings for granted. People refer to suburbia as a cookie cutter landscape, and I accepted it as such for many years. With spending more time commuting to more urban environments, my walks home from the train station opened my eyes to all the little details people put into the presentation of their homes. A boldly painted red door, an American flag, carefully landscaped front lawns. All these details seem so minuscule but I appreciate all the hard work people put in to making themselves stand out from the neighbors. This is where I grew up, these streets were where I ran and played. This is my zipcode.

Project Zip Code: Home is available for purchase as a hardcover 11" x 14" book for $150. To get the full experience of the 41 photographs, please send an email to julievorobyov@hotmail.com

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